Since 1952 we put our effort into planning and launching textile household linen with passion and expertise.

Our job is to create values and to offer them to our customers always and anywhere.

Angelo Carillo & C. was founded in 1952 by its forward-looking businessman of the same name, and today it represents excellence in Campania’s textile industry.

The company’s success is based on the wide range of products and their innovation, style and design, as well as the concept and the image of the brand and the relationship between price and quality.

Thanks to competence, a long-standing experience and the cooperation with selected production workshops, the company faces the competitive dynamics in business with a cutting-edge and success oriented approach. This makes it able to participate in defining the changes of the rules of the competitive game.

Our collections planning is carried out in the headquarters stylistic studios, located in the textile district of Nola (30 km from Naples). On the other hand, the production phase is assigned to selected textile suppliers.

The company’s portfolio is rich, large and diversified assuring the fulfillment of our customers furniture needs, the more specific ones as well!

The wide array of products blends with an efficient customer service provided by an extensive store network.


Linea Oro    
Riviera Home Collection    


Cis di Nola isola 1
Lotto 102/105 - 80035 Nola (NA)
Tel. +39 081.5108684
Fax. +39 081.5108554
San Giuseppe Vesuviano (NA)
Via Mattiuli, 15 - 80047
Tel. +39 081.5298148
Fax. +39 081.5295068
Via S. Giovanni a Mare, 38 - 80130
Tel. +39 081.202135
Fax. +39 081.5631008


Interporto Campano
Lotto H - Blocco F - 80035 Nola (NA)
Tel. +39 081.3111800
Fax. +39 081.0146153